Laurence Fishburne Leaves “CSI”

Laurence Fishburne is done investigating crimes.

The veteran actor announced that he is not returning for the 12th season of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” the CBS show where he plays Dr. Raymond Langston.

Fishburne, 49, joined CSI after former lead star William Petersen decided to leave the show in December 2008. Fishburne’s contract ended after the 11th season finale, and the Emmy- and Tony award-winning actor decided it was time to move on. Fishburne will be leaving a once-top rating show that has seen better days. “CSI” has plummeted in the ratings game since Petersen left the show. In its 11th season, “CSI” ranked 12th in the U.S. with 13.52 million viewers, a far cry from its peak of 26.6 million in its fifth season.

There is no word yet on who will replace Fishburne, who is best known for his film career. Fishburne is expected to go back to making movies, where his résumé includes hits like the “Matrix” series. He will next be seen in the thriller “Contagion,” which is due for release in October.