LED lighting: Why should your business make the switch?

LEDLighting technology has changed in recent years. More and more homes and businesses in the UK are moving away from the conventional light bulb to a more modern, elegant design, which provides a number of benefits.

LED lighting is starting to become a real force in the market, as consumers become aware of the need to cut-down on energy usage and carbon emissions. This is through increased exposure to alarming climate change statistics in the media and the government’s own green initiatives.

The technology provides the consumer with a more efficient way to light a property, as LED bulbs do not produce as much energy which is wasted as heat – unlike conventional lighting.

How are LED lights more efficient?
Some LED bulbs produce 80 per cent light and 20 per cent heat, whereas normal light bulbs produce 20 per cent light and 80 per cent heat. Shocking isn’t it?

For businesses, just think how many lights there are in your commercial property. Then consider the fact that they will probably be on from as early as 8am to 6pm. Then take into account the use of air conditioning to cool a stuffy office environment down – partly caused by unnecessary heat production from light bulbs.
This all adds up to a hefty energy bill, which could easily be reduced if LED lighting is installed into an office.

LED lighting also has a much longer lifespan than conventional bulbs. Some are able to shine for up to 100,000 hours constantly. This means that you will incur less costs to replace the bulbs over the years.

Will LEDs be bright enough for the office?
Certainly! Not only that, but the focus of the light can be targeted accurately depending on where they are placed and the areas of the room that need to be lit. This helps improve efficiency as light is not wasted on areas where it is not needed.

A well-lit office is important for staff productivity and can help prevent future problems with vision and even posture. However, LED lighting (such as those offered here) will ensure that your staff are comfortable at their desk and not straining their eyes.

Can I recycle old LED lights?
LED lights are fully recyclable! Unlike fluorescent strip lighting – which is common feature in office and business properties – there are no toxic elements in LED lights. This means, when it’s time to get rid of your LED lights, it will cause less environmental damage.

Is there any way I can further increase the efficiency of my LED lights?
This is definitely achievable. For example, connect your new light source to solar photovoltaic panels located on your office’s roof and you will see energy created via the sun’s heat turned to electricity to power your LED bulbs – either partly or entirely.

The remaining power generated can then be fed back into the National Grid, providing businesses with an income through the government’s feed-in tariff.

LEDs look brittle, will they stand up to damage?
Despite their appearance, LED lights are in fact highly durable and will be able to withstand a number of knocks and bumps – if they are located in a position where this is likely.
If you have an outdoor dining area for your staff, for example, LED lighting could also be an excellent idea, as they are weather resistant.