Lee Harvey Oswald’s coffin up for auction

The original pine coffin which used to contain the body of JFK alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is to be sold at auction in Los Angeles, with bidding to start at $1,000. Also on auction will be equipment used in Oswald’s embalming, his death certificate, and a piece of the leather seat President John F. Kennedy was sitting on when he was shot and killed on November 22, 1963.

Oswald was buried in a Forth Worth cemetery until 1981, then reburied in a new coffin after his wife won a legal battle to identify him amid theories a Russian spy was buried in his place. An investigation revealed that the body had not been switched and Oswald was returned to Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Park in a new casket because the old one had suffered extensive water damage.

Oswald was himself shot two days later after JFK’s assassination and so was never brought to trial.