Lindsay Lohan Headed Back to Jail

LindsaylohanmugshotLindsay Lohan is set to serve some more time in prison after Los Angeles Superior Judge Elden S. Fox ordered the actress jailed for failing her recent drug test.

Fox issued the order on Friday during a hearing to determine if Lohan had indeed violated the provisions of her probation. Lohan was immediately taken into custody and was expected to serve a month in jail. Fox had earlier warned Lohan that he would send her to jail for a month for each violation of her probation. There was no bail set for Lohan’s temporary release.

The sentence came about a week since Lohan admitted through Twitter that she failed her drug test. She also said in one of her tweets that she was prepared to face the consequences of her actions. “This is certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I’m prepared to face the consequences,” she said.

Lohan served 14 days of a three-month jail sentence in July. She was released on August 2, but was immediately sent to an inpatient rehab stint at the UCLA Medical Center, where she stayed for 23 days.