Live Crab Vending Machines Hit Chinese Underground Train System

crabGot the chips from the vending machine… check… got the chocolate bar… check… got the cola… check… got the live crab… wait, the what?

Commuters at the underground train system in Nanjing, capital of the province of Jiangsu, China were surprised to see a new commodity available in the vending machines at the stations.

Individually packed live crabs are being sold from 15 Yuan ($2.25) to 50 Yuan ($7.50) from the machines. The machines, which act as refrigerators, chill the crabs between 32-50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature range to keep the crabs docile but not enough to freeze and kill them.

Buyers are guaranteed to receive three free crabs in the event they get a dead one from any of the machines.

Twin Lake Crab, who operates the vending machines, said that they might try to expand to other cities in China and even in other countries, if this ongoing trial in Nanjing proves good for business.

Videos of the advertisement and actual vending example can be found in YouTube.