Living a Full Life with Half a Brain

michelle mack photo

You do not need a full brain to live your life to a full. This was proven by Michelle Mack who was born with just half a brain. This did not hinder her from pursuing a normal way of life though. She can speak normally and has graduated from high school. Today at 37 years of age, she can take care of herself and earns a living with a data entry job. Her life wasn’t always easy however.

“It was very hard for me,” Mack said. “It was very hard for me growing up. No one knew the truth about my brain.”

This was certainly a miracle. Doctors have determined that Mack’s right side of the brain has rewired itself to take over the normal bodily functions otherwise taken cared of the left side of the brain (the part that was missing).

“I wanted to do this so people like producers, photographers and security guards and police officers learn about people like me,” she said, “that I’m normal but have special needs, and that there are a lot people like me, so that they could be more understanding.”

Yes, let us learn from her and appreciate her wanting to tell her life story to us by doing all we can to improve our lives. We only have one life so let us live it to the full.

[image from CNN]