MacBecks: The Beckham inspired musical

macbecks beckham musical

On Wednesday night in Dublin, a Becks and Posh inspired musical using plot bits from some classic works by William Shakespeare saw its world premiere.

Titled MacBecks, the musical traces the story of David Beckham and his wife Victoria told in jokes and songs.

The musical features a cast of characters very much identical to the ones who have featured in David’s life, including Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, England manager Sven-Göran Eriksson and his former PA Rebecca Loos.

“There’s a Sir Alex Ferguson-type character we call Salax, who’s a mix of King Lear and the Devil. It’s a kind of love triangle because he’s fighting with Posh over Becks,” writer Gary Cooke told TIMESONLINE.

“It’s not remotely anti-Beckham, it’s a send-up of them and everyone in their world. I remember some years ago my dear mother saying, ‘I can’t see that lasting’ and my brother said, ‘Their relationship has just as much chance as anybody else’s’ and it has done, against the odds,” he added.

Theatre-goers attending the opening performance are being issued with the warning: “This show contains scenes of spice, sport, sex, celebrity and some mild soccer.”