Man-Made Ponds Brought Poisonous Arsenic to Bangladesh Waters

The mystery of how arsenic has widely spread in Bangladesh waters was finally solved. The culprit is the tens of thousands of man-made ponds that were designed to protect villagers from unclean and disease-ridden surface waters.arsenic-poisoning-bangladesh

Researches made chemical tests and models to examine the flow of groundwater from a regular agricultural area in Bangladesh. They pointed to the man-made ponds. The study warned against the building of artificial ponds above existing tube wells. Drinking wells were also advised not to be placed downstream from existing ponds, wetlands or rivers.

Two million people from Bangladesh were estimated to have been poisoned from the arsenic drawn out from the tube wells found almost everywhere in the country.

Arsenic is a natural chemical that are poisonous to humans as it can bring skin lesions and cancer of the bladder, kidney, lung and skin.

Arsenic contamination can be found in other countries like Argentina, Chile, China, India, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States.