Man Marries Virtual Video Game Girlfriend

A living, breathing man brought his Nintendo DS in a church along with the Love Plus game cartridge to marry one of the game’s virtual girlfriends Nene Anegasaki. The “couple” hosted a “reception” afterwards.nene-anegasaki-married-by-human-SAL9000

The man, only known as SAL9000 can only find in Guam a priest who will officiate the ceremony. He imposed however that the rites were not officially and legally binding. What is more odd is that after his “wedding” about 3500 people petitioned online that marriage between human and two-dimensional figure be legalized.

SAL9000 and Nene’s reception includes the man’s family, friends and the media.

Love Plus was created by Konami, producers of famous series like Metal Gear, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Contra and Suikoden.

The game is an example of a “dating simulation” game where players meet potential dates and pursue them for potential relationships. Once the player hit it off with the game girlfriends, they advance to the next level, which is the more “physical” level like touching, kissing and having sex. The final stage is when they get married.