Man Who Locked Down Newark Airport Named

The man who breached security at the Newark Liberty International Airport last Sunday has been named and was released from custody. The man, it turned out, wanted to prolong his farewell time to his girlfriend who was leaving for Los Angeles.haisong-jiang-arrest-newark-airport-security-breach

The breach caused Terminal C to be locked down for seven hours with all passengers, even those who have already boarded planes, to go back in the screening process.

The man, Haisong Jiang, 28, a Chinese graduate student, went over the line separating passengers who have already finished screening and those who are still yet to be screened, to meet up with a woman whom he kissed. The woman is Jiang’s girlfriend. He will be charged with defiant trespass which has a penalty of 30 days in jail.

Jiang was able to cross the line after TSA guard Ruben Hernandez left his post. Hernandez claimed he was distracted by another man in the line and went after him.