Mary Hart Leaves ‘Entertainment Tonight’ After Its 30th Season

mary_hartShe’s been hosting the show since 1982 and now she is saying that she is ready for some change.

Mary Hart, 59, has announced that she will be leaving the daily television entertainment news program Entertainment Tonight (ET) when it concludes its 30th season which starts September 13, 2010.

Her statement said, “I’ve had the privilege of spending 29 years doing something I love – how often does that happen? I only meant to be at ET for three years, suddenly it’s almost 30! I’ve reached a point when I clearly realize it’s time for a change. There are many things I want to do in my life and I’d better get on with them.”

Her replacement has not been announced but The Insider host Lara Spencer is being considered.

Hart had several co-hosts during her stay. These include Ron Hendren (1981-1984), Rob Weller (1984-1986), John Tesh (1986-1996), Bob Goen (1996-2004) and Mark Steines (2004-present). She worked as a correspondent for the show for thirteen weeks before replacing Dixie Whatley as host of the show.