Mayor’s skimpy outfit draws complaints (video)


Stu Rasmussen, America’s first openly transgender mayor, is under scrutiny for wearing “inappropriate” clothes.

A complaint was filed by a non-profit organization against Rasmussen, mayor of Silverton, Oregon, for violating the city council’s dress code. The mayor reportedly wore a short skirt, halter top and high heels at a recent speaking engagement with a group of teenagers.

According to the Statesman-Journal, Rasmussen said he was surprised by the complaint and initially thought it was a joke. But when a retraction did not follow, he opted to write a rebuttal.

“It is surprising and disappointing that an organization chartered to promote diversity and cultural understanding would take a public position of intolerance,” he said.

Apparently the locals were more concerned about what Rasmussen could do for their city than what he looked like or chose to wear, because they voted for him.