Megan Fox worried ‘Jennifer’s Body’ would show she can’t act


Megan Fox admits she was worried the movie, in which she stars as a dead cheerleader who kills and eats her classmates, would show up her shortcomings because there aren’t as many special effects in it as there are in the ‘Transformers’ franchise.

Speaking ahead of the release of the movie – which has taken just $12 million at the US box office since being released two weeks ago – Megan said: “It might be a complete failure on my part.

“But the fact that I had to really put myself out there is totally different than being able to hide behind the magic of ILM, which did special effects for ‘Transformers’. That’s no hiding from anything. There’s nothing there to distract you from my performance. So if it’s bad, it’s going to be f**king bad for me. And if it’s good, then I will have achieved something on some level.”

Megan says she was particularly attracted to the role because she felt it poked fun at the public perception people have of her.

She explained to the October edition of Nylon magazine: “I feel like I was mocking the way people perceive me in real life. People assume that I’m self-obsessed or a typical narcissistic starlet … stupid, manipulative, boy crazy … whatever — all of those things.”

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