Mel Gibson threatened to bury Oksana in their mansion’s rose garden

Roses won’t smell as sweet… if you are buried beneath it.

The latest alleged harrowing threat of Mel Gibson against his former lover Oksana Grigorieva is that the actor wanted to bury her in their mansion’s rose garden.

In a news revealed by, Gibson was said to have made serious and violent threats against Oksana. The actor had also threatened to burn down her home.

Radar had quoted a source saying: “When things in their relationship started going badly and he made the first threats against her, Oksana decided she needed to protect herself. She made the recordings and on one of them, Mel is heard telling Oksana, ‘I will bury you in the rose garden,’ which she believed to be a clear reference to killing her.”

Earlier, the police has announced that they are launching an investigation on the domestic violence issue on Gibson and Oksana.

The couple is currently undergoing a painful custody battle for their daughter Lucia.