Mexico Hotel Offers Wedding Ring Burial for Divorcees

Casa-Velas-Wedding-Ring-CoffinA hotel in Mexico has put a new meaning to “burying the past”—past marriage, that is.

The Casa Velas in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta is offering a new Divorcee Package complete with a burial ceremony for the divorcee’s old wedding ring. To make the ceremony more meaningful, the package includes a specially made coffin for the divorcee’s wedding ring. Granting, of course, that the divorcee does not choose to sell or pawn the ring for additional cash.

While it’s goodbye for the old wedding ring, the engagement ring can be given a “facelift” as the package includes a consultation with a jewelry expert to help redesign the engagement ring. The package, which sells for at least $350 a night for each person, also includes a spa treatment, VIP night around Puerto Vallarta, VIP transportation from the airport, and a shopping tour. The divorcee, who can bring up to five companions, will also be staying in the hotel’s presidential suite.