Michael Jackson Bodyguards Say Late Singer Had Girlfriends

Michael Jackson Desired WomenMichael Jackson enjoyed being with women and was no pedophile, three people who worked for the singer in the last years of his life said. In an appearance on ABC‘s Good Morning America, Michael Jackson’s three bodyguards exonerated their former boss of being a pedophile. One of the bodyguards, Bill Whitfield said Jackson “had desires for women.” He recalled that the King of Pop even made out with some of his girlfriends in the backseat of his car, a curtain the only thing preventing the bodyguards from seeing all the action.”

Whitfield, Mike Garcia, and Javon Beard said Jackson did his best to shield his children from the negative headlines and news reports written about him. The bodyguards also revealed that Jackson craved for a normal life. They said the singer loved going to fast-food drive-through, and had always wanted to go to a bar and order a beer without being noticed.

Jackson was accused of molesting a minor in 2003, but was acquitted two years later. However, his image would never be the same again and he became more reclusive. Jackson died on June 25 last year while in the middle of preparation for what could have been his farewell tour.