Michael Jackson Children are YouTube Hits

Less than a year since their father’s death, Michael Jackson‘s once-sheltered children have become online hits after Paris‘ and Prince Michael II‘s homemade videos were leaked to YouTube. The videos show Paris and Prince Michael II goofing around. Jackson’s family confirmed that the videos are authentic and are now investigating how the clips were leaked.

Joe Jackson, the King of Pop’s father, said the clips were not uploaded by his grandchildren. The videos first appeared in April and were pulled out two weeks later. However, other people made copies of the clips and uploaded their own versions. The clips have attracted hundreds of thousands of hits, making the Jackson kids the latest YouTube sensations.

Some of the videos show Paris rapping and Prince Michael II acting out scenes from “Star Wars” with cousin Donte. The leak is considered a big issue by the Jackson family as it was Michael’s wish that his children be kept out of the spotlight.