Michelito Lagravere: Child Matador

A child bullfighter has enraged animal rights activists by killing six young bulls in a controversial bid to have his name listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s youngest matador to achieve the feat.

michelito lagravere child matador

Michel Lagravere, 11, known as Michelito, was permitted to take part in the bloody sport in south east Mexico after Mexican authorities overturned a ban sought by child protection and anti-bullfighting campaign groups.

“It’s a form of child abuse. He’s been taught at a very early age to kill bulls for fun,” said a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports. “This will cause revulsion in Mexico and around the world and it’s sad this boy has been damaged from a very, very early age.”

Some 3,500 people, including many young kids, gathered at the ring in Merida to witness the bullfight.

michelito lagravere child matador

“I’m happy to have achieved this great victory,” said Michelito as he left the ring.

Michelito started facing bulls at the age of six. Encouraged by his French father, a former bullfighter, the boy killed his first calf in public when he was 6. He has slain more than 60 bulls.

Despite opposition from animal rights activists, bullfighting remains a popular spectacle in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and parts of France.

(Mail Online Via Metro UK)

Watch Michelito’s video below.