Microsoft Gives Different Statements about Windows Phone 7 Upgrade

Several Microsoft officials are giving different statements regarding the issue of whether current-generation phones can be upgraded to the company’s latest mobile operating system.HTC-HD2

The latest statement says that even the latest phones that use a Windows mobile operating system won’t be able to upgrade to the  newly announced Windows Phone 7 Series.

Phone units running the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS can only receive incremental upgrades but they will not be able to upgrade to the new OS as they don’t meet the hardware criteria needed. One example is the newly released HTC HD2 (pictured), which failed to meet the cut due to a number of buttons problem.

Nataska Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in Asia-Pacific made the statement after Microsoft UK’s Alex Reeve said that upgrading issues will be “up to the hardware partners”.

Meanwhile, other Microsoft officials do not want to comment yet regarding the issue.

In other items, the new Windows Mobile Marketplace, the equivalent to Apple’s App Store has, to this date, 800 applications. This is way few compared to the more than 130,000 third-party applications in App Store.