Microsoft Kinect – ‘Racist’?

xbox_kinectOn the day that a gaming device will enable users to play video games without touching a game controller, a report was posted from a popular video gaming website that the device might be a little ‘racist’.

Microsoft Kinect was released in the United States on November 4.

A report from website GameSpot said that two of their dark-skinned employees had a hard time getting the facial recognition feature of Kinect to work.

The facial recognition will help the XBox 360 console to identify players without them needing to log in. Players can still manually log in if the feature will not work for them.

Microsoft meanwhile made a statement that the device will work in all skin tones and that the issue can be solved by adjusting lighting settings.

“Kinect works great with all skin tones,” said a company spokesperson. “And just like a camera, optimal lighting is best. Anyone experiencing issues with facial recognition should adjust their lighting settings, as instructed in the Kinect Tuner.”