Microsoft Makes Indirect Hit at iPhone

“don’t get us wrong…we love apps… but current smartphones make you use them one at a time…” said a film presented in the Barcelona launch of the Windows Phone 7

The short film never mentioned any phone unit but one can simply deduce which smartphone it was pointing at as very few devices would allow the user to open just one application at a time.

It focused on the idea that the current popular smartphone is focusing more on apps than having a good phone experience – that is encouraging the user to go in an application and out to the next one without having them work together.

It then went on that a phone user should go on a reboot on what it should experience from a mobile unit – to glance and go from one application to the next, keeping one’s “life in motion” by flowing “seamlessly through integrated hubs” that call all the stuff the user wants and need in just one place. This is supposed to be something that the Windows Mobile 7 Series can deliver.

The popularity of iPhone has drawn to itself several besmirching from competition who are having difficulty derailing its increasing sales. Verizon indirectly called it before as “misfit toy” and “semi-functional, giggling-brat-vanity”.

But one can also argue that the lasting feature of the Apple product is that it controls both software and hardware. The strict control over third-party applications ensure high quality and good user experience.

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