Microsoft Showcases Mac Office 2011

Microsoft unveiled the latest edition of its Office suite for Macintosh.Microsoft_office_2008_logo

The Office Mac 2011 was announced Thursday, February 11 at the Macworld 2010 Expo in San Francisco. Following the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, the suite will feature collaboration and social networking tools.

It will allow co-authoring tools that will allow users in multiple locations to view and collaborate on the same Word, Excel or Powerpoint files. This feature, called Presence Everywhere, will improve the process of working together,  removing the need for multiple versions and minimizing lost edits.

Also, the Outlook will be back in this version replacing the Entourage e-mail environment. It was built using Cocoa and will run in the latest Mac OS version – the Snow Leopard. It can also import PST files from Windows Outlook as study shows that 75% of Mac users also use a PC.

A direct connection to the Microsoft Office Web Apps will also be available. This is the cloud-based version where users can store and access documents created on their desktop by accessing them in the Web Apps via Internet.

A new interface will be included alongside the standard toolbar and Mac menu. The interface is named as “Ribbon.”

No specific date and prices has been set for the release of this latest version. It was just informed that it would be later this year before the holidays.

The Microsoft Office Suite was actually first implemented for Macintosh in 1989. The first version for Windows came a year later in 1990.