Miss USA Contestants Shed Clothes

This year’s Miss USA contestants are ditching their supposed-to-be-wholesome image for a more mature look in a bid to attract more audience. Pageant organizers have decided to let the contestants┬ápose in their lingerie, or less, raising eyebrows and some tempers in the process.

Critics, who are used to seeing the contestants as wholesome role models of young women, said the lingerie shots are nothing but a tawdry attempt to attract more audience. However, organizers said they are merely trying to make the pageant more “modern.”

Reports claimed that mothers of the contestants flared up after the photos were posted online, with some thinking that their daughters showed too much skin in the pictures. However, organizers defended the lingerie look, which is labeled Glam Shot on the Web site, saying all the pictures are “tasteful.”

Some of the contestants wear fishnet stockings while looking invitingly at the camera–the kind of poses reserved for men’s magazines like FHM.

The pageant will be held in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 16, and will be broadcast by NBC.