My friendfeed real-time (beta) comment – O Hai!

FriendFeed real-time (beta)

My favorite Web 2.0 site friendfeed has launched a new cool feature. The feature is that you can read the feeds in real time. Casey wrote on the friendblog that the move was inspired by a user comment on the question “what you liked about friendfeed?” And one said “procrastination is only a refresh away”, hence the friendfeed real-time gave birth to a bouncing “beta-hood” (just invented the word).

Casey also wrote that the technique they’ve used is called long polling. Long polling according to the ever realiable wikipedia is:

Push technology, or server push, describes a style of Internet-based communication where the request for a given transaction originates with the publisher or central server. It is contrasted with pull technology, where the request for the transmission of information originates with the receiver or client. (source: wikipedia)

Cool eh?! The word static was long gone!

It’s a good move on friendfeed’s part. I really like the idea. It’s very useful for rooms such as the 2008-debates room because you can see the threaded real-time feeds without pressing the F5 button. The problem is the feeds are cluttered and not bundled (using Duncan Riley’s term on his post on The Inquistr). I was completely lost when I tried to read some comments because they keep on moving and every new comment is not related to the previous comments. It would be better if they could retain the old friendfeed bundle of comments and likes under the same group of conversation. It’s like hitting refresh without actually hitting it. Got it? =)

Oh well, if you are a friendfeed fanboi like me, chances are you don’t give a damn about this post anymore because you know better than I do probably. But if you don’t have an account yet, I suggest that you give it a try by registering an account here. Just don’t forget to subscribe to my friendfeed “my friend!” wink! wink!