Myanmar girl sets new world record for most fingers and toes

Most Fingers and Toes Guiness

A Myanmar child has set a new world record for having the most fingers and toes!

Lei Yadi Min, a one-year-old girl from South Okkalarpa township in Yangon, has six fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot – a total of 26 in all. The current two world record holders live in India and each have 12 fingers and 13 toes. Min is currently waiting for official recognition by Guinness in its 2012 Book of Records.

This is condition is called polydactyly, a congenital physical anomaly that occurs in one in every 500 live births. Thirty percent of all children with polydactyly have family members with some type of deformity.

How about you? How many toes and fingers do you have?