NASA and GM create new robot astronaut (video)

NASA Robonaut 2 Video

NASA and General Motors have developed and built Robonaut 2, a.k.a. R2, a second generation humanoid robot intended to work alongside humans in space.

As you can see, R2 has no legs, but it’s ambidextrous and can lift up to 20lbs and function in environments too dangerous or difficult for humans to work in. It is also stronger and more technologically advanced than the original Robonaut developed a decade ago, according to the US space agency.

Doug Cooks, who is the associate administrator for Exploration Systems Missions Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said in a statement, “This cutting-edge robotics technology holds great promise, not only for NASA, but also for the nation.”

Watch R2 in action:

[Photo Credit: NASA]