Nat Geo diver dies of DCS while filming in Greece


A National Geographic diver died of decompression sickness (DCS) while filming the wreckage of the HMHS Britannic, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on Sunday.

Carl Spencer, 37, showed symptoms of the illness widely known as “the bends,” which can occur when a person returns too quickly to the surface after being deep under water. The condition usually affects the joints, but can occur anywhere. In more serious cases, DCS can result in paralysis, brain damage, heart attacks, and death.

A military helicopter flew him to Greece’s naval hospital in Athens but he did not regain consciousness, the newspaper said.

Britannic, the Titanic’s sister ship, struck a mine off the south coast of Greece in 1916, and sank with the loss of 30 lives.

Spencer had also taken part in an exploration of the Titanic wreckage as part of an expedition led by James Cameron, who directed the blockbuster “Titanic.”