NATO Air Strike Kills 9 Afghan Civilians, Petraeus Says Sorry

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) stationed in Afghanistan has apologized after an air strike killed nine civilians, all of them children aged 12 and below.

NATO commander Gen. David Petraeus¬† apologized for the latest blunder committed by foreign forces in Afghanistan, whose government continues to battle the Taliban. “These deaths should have never happened and I will personally apologize to President Karzai when he returns from his trip to London this week,” Petraeus said according to a BBC report. Petraeus blamed the incident on a miscommunication regarding the location of the real targets of the attack, which occurred in Kunar province’s Pech district. Local officials said the children were gathering firewood when the air strike occurred.

Afghan Presodent Hamid Karzai condemned the “merciless” killing of the innocent civilians and warned that the NATO will face “huge problems” if the civilian casualties continue to pile up. The recent NATO air strike came amid allegations by Afghan officials of another failed operation that killed 40 children in the same province.