NATO Bombards Gaddafi Compound Anew

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces struck Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli again on Thursday a few hours after the Libyan leader appeared on television anew.

Libyan officials said the NATO warplanes targeted several buildings inside the fortified Bab al-Azaziya compound, where one of Gaddafi’s sons was killed in an airstrike two weeks ago. The Libyan government, through spokesman Moussa Ibrahim, said the latest bombardment killed at least three people, but the claim has yet to be independently verified. Prior to the NATO attack, Gaddafi was shown on television in what appeared to be a meeting of tribal leaders. It was the first television appearance of the Libyan leader since the April 30 NATO airstrike that killed his son and several others.

The NATO said Thursday’s airstrike targeted a “large command and control bunker complex in downtown Tripoli that was used to coordinate attacks against civilian populations.” However, Ibarahim said the attack was proof that NATO forces only want “to cause death and destruction everywhere.”