NBA All-Star Team Starting Five Named

The starting five for the teams in the upcoming NBA All Star Games have been named. Lebron James topped the votes with more than 2.5 million, making him the only player to breach the mark three times.LeBron-James

Second in the votes is Kobe Bryant with 2.4 million votes. Kevin Garnett has the most number of selections among those who made it to the team. This is his 13th selection.

They were voted via fan ballot, with the leading vote recipients at each position starting the game. The rest of the team, or the reserves, are chosen by a vote among the head coaches of each squad’s particular conference. Coaches cannot vote their own players. The reserves will be announced January 28.

The coaches who currently lead the teams with the most wins in their conference will coach their respective conferences. However, the same coach cannot coach the team in consecutive seasons, on which case, the coach from the team with the second best record will serve as All-Star coach for that conference. This rule is known as the Riley Rule. Coaches will be determined January 31.

The starting team players are:

Player              Team                     Votes        Selection
LeBron James        Cleveland Cavaliers      2,549,693       6th
Kevin Garnett       Boston Celtics           1,978,116      13th
Dwyane Wade         Miami Heat               2,327,550       6th
Allen Iverson       Philadelphia 76ers       1,269,568      11th
Dwight Howard       Orlando Magic            2,360,096       4th

Carmelo Anthony     Denver Nugget            2,137,560       3rd
Tim Duncan          San Antonio Spurs        1,156,696      12th
Kobe Bryant         Los Angeles Lakers       2,456,224      12th
Steve Nash          Phoenix Suns             1,222,235       7th
Amar’e Stoudemire   Phoenix Suns             1,824,093       5th