Neil Patrick Harris Clashed with Simon Cowell

Seems the guest judges are getting on the nerves of the resident judges of American Idol. After the squabble between Kara DioGuardi and fill-in judge Katy Perry in the Los Angeles auditions, it is now the turn of Simon Cowell to be at odds with yet another fill-in judge.Neil-Patrick-Harris-2008

Neil Patrick Harris, star of the hit comedy series How I Met Your Mother and Doogie Howser, M.D., took swipes with the British judge at the Dallas audition. At one point he glared at him while saying, “Do I get to say something? Jeez-louise, you invite a guest judge on…”

One contestant, Kimberly Carver, drew the line deeply when Cowell said no as she was not interesting and would only be good in jazz television and then Harris said that she was quite great. Randy Jackson and DioGuardi agreed with Harris.

Harris said in an interview with host Ryan Seacrest at the beginning of the show that his goal is to “shatter the dreams of thousands.”

The other guest judge (in day 2) Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers was mostly quiet and was practically invisible throughout the auditions.

The last leg of the auditions would be in Denver with returning guest judge Victoria Beckham.