New book on Oprah is loaded with controversies

The Queen of Talk has finally found a topic that she will keep mum about–the new unauthorized book about her called “Oprah: A biography” by investigative journalist Kitty Kelly.

At times described as a “poison pen” writer, Kelly has dished out tidbits of juicy and unflattering controversial anecdotes from her 544-page book. The author claims that her work is a result of more than three years of research and 850 interviews.

An excerpt of the book which was published exclusively in USA Today suggests that the multi-awarded talk show host is gay and is in a relationship with her best friend Gayle King.

The Daily News has also reported that the woman, who was once declared as the “world’s only black billionaire”, had an interracial relationship with radio host John Tesh.

Ms. Kelly may be known for collecting dollops of questionable inferences and innuendos, but this has not stopped her books from appearing on the best seller’s list. Already, the clamor for Oprah: a biography, can be gleaned from the fact that it is already on the top 25 list at Amazon.