New Book Paints Lennon as Mr. Mean

Imagine John Lennon as a misogynist. A self-obsessed, calculating, anorexic family-abandoner who deserted his friends, chased whatever the current zeitgeist was, and reportedly made everyone around him miserable.

According to an explosive book written by Beatles biographer Philip Norman, the music legend was prone to unprovoked acts of cruelty, jealous rage and perverse sexual fantasies.

The description is so distressing that Yoko Ono, who contributed extensively and even convinced son Sean Lennon to speak to Norman, has criticized the book as “too mean.”

In “John Lennon: The Life,” Norman writes about the moment when Cynthia, Lennon’s first wife, returned from a vacation in Greece to her home in England. She found John and Yoko seated on the floor together in matching bathrobes.

“John showed no sign of guilt or even surprise, merely looking round with a casual, ‘Oh . . . hi,’ ” Norman wrote.

He also showed his sinister side to his children.

One friend recalls Lennon yelling, “No, I’m not going to mend your f—ing bicycle,” to his young son.

John Lennon — woman hater, shi**y father, trend follower, bulimic, sour-natured heroin addict and millionaire. Imagine!