New iMacs, Minis and MacBooks Today?

GruberIt started when Dan Lyons (Fake Steve Jobs) posted something about having a news today and John Gruber  (Daring Fireball) doesn’t know about it yet.

Then Gruber replied:

Dan Lyons Apparently Thinks Yours Truly Hasn’t Heard About the Redesigned Plastic MacBooks, Redesigned (‘Impressive’) iMacs, Updated Minis (Including One That Ships With Mac OS X Server), the Multi-Touch Magic Mouse, and, as the Wildcard I’m-Not-Sure-I-Really-Believe-It-Myself Out-There Rumor, Maybe Even Some Sort of Mentioned-Nowhere-Else-But-in-This-Very-Headline Multi-Touch Trackpad Gadget for Desktop Macs That Apple Is Set to Release Tomorrow Morning

Rumors are just rumors but a “redesigned (‘Impressive’) iMac” is the one I’ve been waiting for. Let’s wait!

[hat tip to Mashable]