Newly Installed Nigerian Acting President Demotes Justice Minister

In his first execution of full executive powers, the acting president of Nigeria sacked the minister of justice and demoted him to a lower position.nigeria-map

Minister of Justice and Attorney General Michael Aondoakaa was named as minister of Special Duties. Aondoakaa led the cabinet in resisting the transfer of temporary powers to Vice President Goodluck Jonathan.

The cabinet believed that there was no vacuum in the office of the president. President Umaru Yar’Adua has been in Saudi Arabia seeking medical treatment for his heart condition since November.

Asked what he felt for his demotion, Aondoakaa said that he has no regrets. “No single action I have taken I have regretted. Every single action I took was in the interest of this country. No country will say there is a vacuum. No country, no attorney general will go to the pages of the papers and say, ‘There is a vacuum.’ I pledged my loyalty to the vice president. I am the minister of special duties.”