Next Generation iPhone leaked! (photos + video)

4th generation iphone

Yes! The picture you see above is the next generation iPhone. Gizmodo got the prototype unit (they actually bought it) from a guy who “found” it “lost in a bar in Redwood City, camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS.”

next gen iphone

Gizmodo editor Jason Chen said in a lengthy blog post that the “iPhone” unit is indeed the real deal. Chen was convinced that it’s really the next-gen iPhone because it uses the micro-sim (like the one used in the iPad), it has been recognized as an iPhone by iTunes and John Gruber (from Daring Fireball) wrote on his blog that Apple has indeed lost (or stolen from) a prototype iPhone.

So I called around, and I now believe this is an actual unit from Apple — a unit Apple is very interested in getting back.

Video: Next Generation iPhone?

[Image Credit: Gizmodo]

UPDATE: The iPhone is definitely from Apple and they want it back. Apple’s Senior VP and General Counsen Bruce Spewell sent a formal letter to GIZMODO requesting them to return the device to Apple.


To Apple, Please don’t fire your employee, Gray Powell.