Nexus One Discontinued by Google

Google Nexus OneSearch engine giant Google has announced that it will discontinue the sales of its smartphone, the Nexus One, in the United States.

Nexus One was launched last January 5. At that time positive reviews showered upon the product and technology experts actually declared that it has started in the right note.

However, poor sales and customer service complaints soon followed after its release. To date, only about 135,000 units were sold.

The smartphone can be bought via online with or without a cellphone contract. It is powered by Google Android software.

Last May, Google said it would close its Web store once handset supplies were exhausted. It has now received its last shipment of the phone. Just this month, The Daily Telegraph reported in an interview with CEO Eric Schmidt that Google would not be releasing a follow up to the Nexus One.

However, Google Vice President Andy Rubin countered that the reason Nexus One was stopped was not because of sales. He said that other factors were considered such as there are upcoming phones using the Android operating system that has the capability to rival Nexus One features are coming to the market.