Nexus One Now AT&T-Friendly

Google rolled out Tuesday a new version of its smart phone, the Nexus One, which is compatible with the 3G wireless network of AT&T.Nexus One update

The phone is available, and must be bought unlocked, at $529 on Google’s online store. Owners will then buy a $25 SIM card and sign-up for a data and voice plan with the network.

Nexus One was released in January, which can be bought with a two-year plan with T-mobile. The amount to pay is $179. Since then, Google was able to sell 135,000 units.  In the same 74-day period, rivals like Verizon’s Droid and Apple’s iPhone each raked a million unit sales.

With the new AT&T-friendly version of the phone, it is now more ready to compete with the network’s other prized gadget, the iPhone.

Nexus One is running under Google’s mobile operating system Android. About 24,000 applications are now available for phones that run Android.