Nintendo Wii Successor in the Offing?

Nintendo may not be contented to just slash the price of its top-selling Wii console to stay afloat amid the rise of the Xbox 360 Kinect.

Sources cited by Game Informer claimed that Nintendo could unveil an HD successor to Wii at the E3 conference in June if not earlier. Nintendo is keen to keep in step with the Xbox 360, and there is no better way to do that than come up with a long overdue new console. Very little is known about the rumored new Nintendo console that even its name remains a mystery.

Multiple sources say Nintendo has begun showing the new system to third-party publishers in a bid to make upcoming titles compatible to the console. Nintendo’s relationship with third party publishers has been the weak spot of the Wii and other consoles before it, a fact that even the company’s boss, Satoru Iwata, acknowledges.

The Wii remains the top-selling video-game console in the world, although improvements by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360’s Kinect technology have made Nintendo hard-pressed to innovate.