No More Nude Photos from Kim Kardashian

kim-kardashianReality television star Kim Kardashian has vowed that she will not pose again in the nude now that she has turned 30.

“I’m too old for that now, I wanted to get it all out of my system before I turned 30,” she declared.

Kardashian has posted naked once for Playboy in 2007 and just recently for W Magazine. She said in an interview in April that she now regrets posing nude for Playboy.

Her declaration for staying away from nude pictorials was announced in one of her birthday bashes. The celebrity star has already thrown in two parties for her birthday, one in Las Vegas for her family and one in New York for her friends. However, her actual birthday is on Thursday, October 21.

She is looking forward to her 30s however after she posted this message from her Twitter account during one of her parties: “What a night! I love all of my friends SO much! I have a feeling 30’s are gonna be the best ever!”