North, South Koreas Begin War Posturing

The saber rattling between North and South Korea has begun. North Korea announced on Thursday that it will shelve inter-Korean agreements aimed at preventing clashes on the disputed waters between the two countries. Pyongyang’s move comes as South Korea started anti-submarine military drills along its border with the communist country.

North Korea’s military warned that it would launch attacks at any South Korean vessel that would cross its waters. Pyongyang’s move could be a prelude to shutting down access for South Koreans to the Kaesong Industrial Project, a border location where around 100 South Korean firms hire North Koreans for a cheap fee.

Tensions in the Korean Peninsula have heightened since the South accused the North of shooting down the naval ship, Cheonan in March. The incident led to the death of 46 South Korean sailors. South Korea’s accusation was justified when a team of international investigators concluded that a North Korean torpedo ripped the Cheonan.