November 21, 2009 is 37th Annual World Hello Day

Did you know that today, November 21, is World Hello Day? The objective is to say “hello”¬†to ten people on the day. By greeting others, the message is for world leaders to use communication¬†rather than force to settle conflicts.nov-21-world-hello-day
Brian and Michael McCormack initiated the event in 1973 to help ease the conflict way back then between Egypt and Israel.

Despite the fact that very few people know about this celebration, at least there are several who know the significance of November 21. Celebrities who celebrate World Hello Day include Barbara Bush, Colin Powell, Henry Ford, Hosni Mubarak, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, Queen Elizabeth II, Ravi Shankar, Ronald Reagan, Stevie Wonder, The Dalai Lama and Whoopi Goldberg, among others.

If you were reading this, then it would be good if you can celebrate it by saying “hello” to ten people today and spread the knowledge of this celebration. If this word can help ease conflicts before, why can’t it do the same now?

Facts about ¬†“hello” include the following:

  • The word “hello” was first used as early as 1833.
  • Students learning a new programming language usually write a program called “Hello, world!” The objective is to output that greeting in the screen.
  • That there was an attempt to replace “hello” with “heaven-o” as the former contains the word “hell” in it. “Hello” never had its roots from the word “hell”.
  • The most famous celebrity associated with “hello” is undoubtedly Hello Kitty

By the way, November 21 is also World Television Day.