Now here’s something to get your mouth into

Chocolate Cock

This eight-inch chocolate cock from United Indecent Pleasures is perfect for bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthdays, or for an emergency chocolate craving.

Each cock has a double filling: The lower part of the enormous cock (from the waist down, so to speak) is filled with a fine chocolate fondant that has a sensual texture conceived to melt in the mouth, or any other part of the body, and that is remarkably delicate and smooth.

The upper part of the handsome member is filled with a sensorial treasure, the colour and texture of which is remarkably similar to a real man’s fluid, with the advantage that these boast a range a different flavours that are nearly as exotic and surprising as the real thing.

Choose from 6 varieties: Fresh mint fondant, Valencia orange fondant, Williams Pear liqueur fondant, Mozart chocolate liqueur fondant, Cointreau liqueur fondant and Irish coffee liqueur fondant.

Chocolate Cock

[Hat tip to Dezeen]