NYC Cops Apologize for 50 “Mistaken Visits” to Elderly Couple

An elderly couple in Brooklyn are hoping they have seen the last of the New York City police. The NYC police, led by Commissioner Raymond Kelly, have apologized to Walter and Rose Martin for mistakenly knocking at their door about 50 times over the last eight years.

The Martins’ ordeal started in 2002 when the couple’s Marine Park address was included in the testing of an NYC police computer program that tracks crime complaints. Since then, the Martins have been startled every now and then by police operatives knocking heavily on their door and ordering the couple to open up.

The computer glitch was temporarily solved in 2007 after Rose Martin lodged a complaint. However, the couple’s address came up on the system anew on Tuesday this week, prompting police to once again knock on the Martins’ door with their customary “Police, open up!” The last mistake prompted the police to again purge the Martins’ address. In addition, the police also flagged the Martins’ address to give the elderly couple some peace of mind and save the police from further embarrassing themselves.