Obama Makes Surprise Afghan Visit

US President Barack Obama surprised the troops stationed in Afghanistan after making a sudden visit at the Bagram Air Base last Sunday, March 28.Barack-Obama

Obama visited Afghanistan for the first time. He met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai whom he invited to visit him in the United States in May. Karzai only learned last Friday, March 26, that Obama is coming to Kabul. After that, Obama met with US and NATO commander Stanley McChrystal.

“There is no visit I consider more important than the visit I am making right now,” Obama addressed the troops who assembled to hear him at the air base. He then said that there will always be support for the troops and then thanked them for their sacrifices.

The US President secretly boarded Air Force One when he decided to go to Afghanistan. He used a helicopter to go to Kabul from the air base to meet with Karzai.