Obama on ‘The View’

US President Barack Obama appeared on the popular talk show “The View” Thursday morning where he discussed various topics, from sensitive issues like the Shirley Sherrod controversy to pop culture.

“There are still inequalities out there. There’s still discrimination out there. But we’ve made progress,” Obama said regarding the Shirley Sherrod controversy.

It was previously reported that the Agriculture Department official was forced to resign following the release of an edited video where she was talking about race. Sherrod said her remarks were taken out of context.

“A lot of people overreacted, including people in my administration,” said Obama, calling the incident a “phony controversy” generated by the media.

During his appearance on “The View,” he also avoided questions about Mel Gibson and his anger issues (Obama said he’d rather answer a question about the Afghanistan war). He likewise admitted he didn’t know anything about Snooki, a character from the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.”