Obama Orders 1200 Additional Troops in US-Mexican Border

Us-mexico-borderUnited States President Barack Obama ordered an additional 1200 National Guard troops to help man the border between the country and neighbor Mexico.

The measure came a month after the state of Arizona implemented the controversial law making illegal alien status as a crime.

Obama also wants 500 million dollars for security purposes, border protection and law enforcement.

Both Democrats and Republicans urged the President for additional federal resources in the border. The President meanwhile is asking support from the Republicans for an overhaul of US immigration laws. Republicans can help with the number of votes needed to pass such measures.

The additional troops will help in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support, intelligence analysis, counternarcotics enforcement and training.

The money being requested will be used for enhancing the technology being in the border.

The border is shared by four US states and six Mexican states. It has a total length of 3169 kilometers or 1969 miles. It is the most frequently crossed international border in the world, with about 250 million people crossings every year.