Obama Rates Himself for First Year in White House: B+

US President Barack Obama has given himself a rating of B+ for his first 11 months in office. The president gave the rating in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.obama-winfrey

What made him think that? He believes he deserves that rating for getting the economy on track, winding down the war in Iraq, for making the right decision in surging Afghanistan, for bringing back America’s prestige in the world and for stopping Iran and North Korea in developing nuclear weapons.

What would drive him to get a grade of A-minus? He said if he could get the health care plan passed and if he can get more jobs for the Americans.

The interview was part of Oprah’s “White House Christmas Special” on ABC.

She also interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama. She showed First Dog Bo doing high-fives and discussed the White House’s 390-pound gingerbread house.

The President also informed that he is not worried about his falling approval ratings. He said it was expected, and he was expecting it months ago. He further explained that citizens are bound not to be happy with unemployment soaring.

The interview ended with a debate on who gives better gifts. The first lady said she does until the president pointed at the double-stranded pearl necklace she was wearing.