Obama Victorious as Healthcare Reform Bill Passes House

President Barack Obama emerged successful in his biggest challenge yet as his Democratic allies in the House of Representatives approved a sweeping healthcare reform bill that would require universal insurance for all Americans. The House Democrats failed to convince any of the Republicans to say yes to the proposal but still came up with enough numbers to send the bill for Obama’s signature via a 219-212 majority vote.

The historic vote comes after several weeks of arm twisting and exhortation from Democratic leaders and Obama himself, who is expected sign the Bill as early as Tuesday. Another measure, which includes amended parts of the bill to settle contentious issues such as abortion, is expected to be passed later today.

The bill, which officials estimate would cost around $940 billion over ten years, appeared headed for the dustbin last month after some anti-abortion Democrats promised to vote “no” if some provisions were not modified. However, a compromise was reached after Obama issued an executive order that prohibits the federal government from allocating funds for elective abortion.