Ozzy picks Johnny Depp in movie version of memoir

Ozzy Osbourne Johnny Depp

Ozzy Osbourne thinks Johnny Depp would be the perfect choice to play him in a big-screen version of his life.

The former Black Sabbath front man recently released his new memoir, I Am Ozzy, where he described how he often played a dangerous game when it came to using drugs and having promiscuous sex. Now, Osbourne is planning to turn his book into a movie.

The 61-year-old rock icon confesses that there are some people working on scripts and Ozzy would just be pleased if the 46-year-old actor would take a read once they are finished.

“I’ve thought about Johnny Depp,” Osbourne said. “He’s one of the few actors who knows about rock ‘n’ roll who does a really good English accent.”